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Virtual Candle
Name: Jorge
Date: 13 Feb 21 05:35pm
Virtual Candle
We miss you dearly
Name: Mother
Date: 05 Feb 21 02:55am
Virtual Candle
:redc: :redc: :redc: :longc: :longc: :longc:
Name: Pulanpizda
Date: 03 Feb 21 03:03pm
Virtual Candle
Name: Jason
Date: 02 Jan 21 07:48am
Virtual Candle
:candle: :redc: :longc: :smallc: :crystalc: :2c: :rsc:
Name: Matteo
Date: 21 Dec 20 05:08pm
Virtual Candle
:redc: abundance
Name: Wrap
Date: 29 Nov 20 11:04pm
Virtual Candle
:crystalc: Thank you Jesus.
Name: Nelson
Date: 24 Nov 20 11:29am
Virtual Candle
:crystalc: :crystalc: :crystalc:
Por um pedido de emprego
Name: Rodrigues Filho
Date: 17 Nov 20 12:21pm
Virtual Candle
:longc: :crystalc:
Name: G Family
Date: 11 Nov 20 12:28pm
Virtual Candle
please pray
Name: Esther G
Date: 11 Nov 20 12:26pm
Virtual Candle
:redc: For all missed friends
Name: Friends
Date: 07 Nov 20 09:36pm
Virtual Candle
May his soul rest in peace
Name: Esu
Date: 06 Nov 20 09:50pm
Virtual Candle
I Pray For Every Sick Person
Name: Reagan
Date: 30 Oct 20 03:28pm
Virtual Candle
:crystalc: :redc:
Name: Redstock
Date: 18 Oct 20 09:01pm
Virtual Candle
:candle: Let this be our prayer
Name: Demo
Date: 29 Sep 20 05:48am
Virtual Candle
I pray for the health and strength of my church community and for creativity.
Name: Derek
Date: 28 Sep 20 12:50am
Virtual Candle
:redc: Lord Jesus please heal the world from the ongoing pendamic of COVID19. Amen.
Name: Ncm
Date: 25 Sep 20 01:09pm
Virtual Candle
For physical healing
Name: Derek
Date: 22 Sep 20 03:49am
Virtual Candle
For my mom
Name: Karl
Date: 13 Sep 20 01:33am
Virtual Candle
Thank you Blessed Spirit for my complete cleansing and healing in mind, body and spirit.
Name: David
Date: 28 Aug 20 07:35pm

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