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Virtual Candle
Love and light to all
Name: Paula
Date: 31 Jul 19 08:56pm
Virtual Candle
Please take care of my mother Iris Palmer God.
Name: Bridget Gatewood
Date: 22 Jul 19 07:58am
Virtual Candle
rest in peace grand pa
Name: Rajaiah
Date: 17 Jun 19 03:40pm
Virtual Candle
help me
Name: Tiya
Date: 13 Jun 19 02:21pm
Virtual Candle
Blessings for everyone. Peace to all.
Name: Lynne
Date: 18 May 19 05:15pm
Virtual Candle
zdrave zdrave
Name: E
Date: 16 May 19 02:32pm
Virtual Candle
thinking about you.
Name: Emotionen
Date: 05 May 19 05:29pm
Virtual Candle
Name: Love For God The King
Date: 10 Apr 19 12:21am
Virtual Candle
Rest in peace dear girl, you were always loved so much by all of us. Lots of love, A
Name: Olga
Date: 06 Oct 18 03:03pm
Virtual Candle
To protect from the moon
Name: John
Date: 27 Sep 18 10:14pm
Virtual Candle
:redc: :longc: :smallc:
Name: Brandon Walls
Date: 06 Aug 18 06:23pm
Virtual Candle
pray for you Elia :candle: :redc: :smallc: :crystalc: :rsc: :2c:
Name: Zack
Date: 03 Aug 18 09:49pm
Virtual Candle
Please pray for my relief from stress and worry
Name: Gerri
Date: 26 Jul 18 06:16pm
Virtual Candle
Please keep my friend and her husband safe on their upcoming trip to northern Florida. I pray they have good weather and a wonderful time with their family members.
Name: Maggie G
Date: 24 Jul 18 09:48pm
Virtual Candle
:rsc: :2c:
Name: Joralves
Date: 19 Jul 18 02:07am
Virtual Candle
i love you more than anything.
rest in peace baby.
jahseh dwayne ricardo onfroy.
the love of my life.
Name: Rip Jahseh Onfroy
Date: 17 Jul 18 01:46pm
Virtual Candle
Dear little sister, may you finally have found your inner peace. I miss you so...
Name: Barbara
Date: 01 Jul 18 03:02pm
Virtual Candle
hope, health. happiness and peace.
Name: Ann
Date: 27 Jun 18 11:21pm
Virtual Candle
Paz a todos.
Name: Leilson
Date: 14 May 18 10:05pm
Virtual Candle
Glory be to YHVH and Yeshua. May they bless us all and have mercy upon mankind.
Name: C.
Date: 07 May 18 12:13am

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